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Every Appkicker was designed first and foremost to meet the exacting demands of your profession.

Appkickers work with Microsoft Office applications, especially Word, to simplify and speed up workflow, virtually eliminate learning curves and frustrations, and make Office much less prone to freezing, crashing, and losing files. If you have ongoing problems with Word, or find your staff stretched too thin, or especially if a conversion or upgrade is in the works — now is the time to consider Appkickers.

Appkickers are available in two affordable editions.

At Appkickers Technology, we cut our teeth in law firms. With our years of experience and dedication to excellence and client service, we believe Appkickers will surpass your expectations.

Appkickers are always growing. Contact us to be sent an up-to-date description of every Appkicker in our library, and to schedule an in-person demo.