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Kim Murdock, President

With more than 20 years in law firm technology, Kim began developing automation tools while working as a word processing operator. She progressed from that to System Manager to Technology Director, then to independent consultant and President of Appkickers Technology.

Experienced in programming with Microsoft Office and Corel Office, Kim has spent years developing advanced macros, templates, menu systems, document assembly processes, and many other productivity tools. She has project-managed several major upgrades and conversions, managed networks and telephone systems, and directed IT staff.

Kim works comfortably with all stakeholders to create real-world solutions by taking time to understand each work environment and its business imperatives. She looks for the greatest gain with the least pain.

Lisa Koenigstein, Executive Consultant

From her early work as a legal secretary, Lisa began a career in technology that has flourished for 20 years. She has been a network manager, applications specialist and developer, most recently helping an international sales organization successfully manage thousands of client files and transactions.

Lisa specializes in Excel and Access. She has used her grasp of automation and business processes to develop countless utilities, including such integrated solutions as Case Management, Document Assembly and Attorney Evaluations.

With her strong affinity for the end user, Lisa is a passionate advocate of efficiency through databases, believing you should never have to enter any information more than once.

Alec Murdock, Director of Operations

Alec keeps things running smoothly so the others can focus 100% of their energies on serving clients.


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