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Appkickers save you money in two ways:

  1. They greatly reduce the time it takes to perform so many everyday tasks in Microsoft Word.
  2. They create stable, safely formatted documents, and therefore greatly reduce time spent on freezing, crashing and losing files.

In fact, Appkickers will save you time every day, and in most cases will pay for themselves in the first year. To see how much money your firm can save in document processing alone, have fun filling in the blanks below.

How many people in your firm process documents at any one time?  
How many documents does each person average per day?
What do you estimate is the average hourly wage per document processor? *
(based on 5 minutes average time saved
per document — a conservative estimate)
Minutes saved per day:    
Hours saved per year:    
Dollars saved per year:  $
* Your savings increase greatly when even
one attorney prepares one document per day.